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Interactive Game

!!! tech010ffspring !!! [v.6.1] named [maria-e-beasley-kneading-machine-for-dough-mixing-with-rotating-receptacles] spits out !!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.6.2] named [doris-with-cellular-sponge-material-reusable-tampon-exploding-bubbles]

This game works in a similar way as the earliest forms of analog animation. As Rebekah Modrak states in her book and on her website, Reframing Photography, thaumatropes (an early form of animation) “ depend on the persistence of vision to blend individual images, thereby creating the illusion of continuous motion.” In this case, single images randomly appear in our frame of view, one-after-another, thus making it appear that the being is toddling.

Link to Rebekah Modrak’s, Reframing Photography, with examples of artists making thaumotropes. https://www.reframingphotography.com/page/photographic-thaumatropes

Maria E. Beasley. 1903. Kneading-Machine.

HERo: Maria E. Beasley. 1903. “The object of my invention has been to provide a kneading-machine which shall be so thorough and uniform in its action that the maximum amount of dough shall be produced from any given amount of flour; and to such end my invention consists in the kneadingmachine hereinafter specified.

In carrying my invention into practice I provide a base A, having a central hearing B, in which is mounted a vertical shaft 0, that carries at its upper end a circular table D. The table is supported and steadied toward its outer edge by pillar-bearings E, mounted upon. the base-plate, and supporting-rolls e, which engage the under-surface of the table.”

Doris Moehrle. 1976. Reusable Tampon.

HERo: Doris Moehrle.  Reusable tampon. 1976. “A reusable tampon device including a body of flexible, dry compressible cellular sponge material such as polyurethane foam which is capable of absorbing body fluids such as menses and having an outer covering completely enclosing said body and comprising a porous structure having at least one open mesh fibrous material layer forming a bag and including a draw string interconnected with peripheral portions of the bag for opening and closing such to permit easy removal of the body therefrom for cleansing and reuse.”