!!! techn010ffspring !!! GLOG POST 0.008-0.009

IG POST 0.009 !!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.2] births !!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.3].                          

[v.2] is named [CEO-birthing-quantum-circuits-while-doing-unpaid-domestic-labor] and [v.3] is named [alice-guy-blache-and-the-cabbage-fairy-transmits-television-that-sarah-goode-designed-novel-construction-cabinet-bed]

One component of the [v.2] being is inspired by the image of Llana Wisby, the CEO and founder of Oxford Quantum Circuits, working with her company’s device. Images of women working with and making/fixing mechanical/technological devices are uncommon in the past and present. The other component of this being is extrapolated from the image of domestic work done by women in the kitchen as pictured in the Children’s Object Book from the 1880s.

The [v.3] being is supported by the drawing of the patent by Sarah E. Good from 1885 for a Cabinet-bed. “Sarah Elisabeth Goode (1855?-1905) was one of the first African-American women to receive a patent from the United States government.” (The University of Chicago Library). As stated in her patent: “The objects of this invention are, first, to provide a folding bed of novel construction, adapted, when folded together, to form adesk suitable for office or general use; second, to provide for counterbalancing the weight of the folding sections of the bed, so that they may be easily raised or lowered in folding or unfolding the bed; third, to provide forholding the hinged or folding sections securely in place when the bed is unfolded, and, fourth, to provide an automatic auxiliary support for the bedding at the middle when the bed is un folded.”

The being includes the image of “a television transmitter with woman seated in front.” from 1930. The film played on the screen of the being [v.3] is a miniature version of Alice Guy Blache’s, The Cabbage Fairy, considered to be “The first film directed by a female director” (IMDB) and also considered to be the world’s first narrative film.

Link to image of Llana Wisby, CEO and founder of Oxford Quantum Circuits. https://techcrunch.com/2022/07/04/uks-oxford-quantum-circuits-snaps-up-47m-for-quantum-computing-as-a-service/ 

Link to The Children’s Object Book from 1880s. https://www.loc.gov/item/42048867/ 

Link to patent by Sarah E. Good for a cabinet-bed https://patents.google.com/patent/US322177A. Information on Sarah E. Good https://www.lib.uchicago.edu/about/news/women-who-made-legal-history-sarah-e-goode/ 

Link to the image of the woman seated in front of a television transmitter. https://www.loc.gov/item/2005683703/ 

Link to Alice Guy Blache’s film, The Cabbage Fairy, from 1896. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS22S5MTHoI 

IG POST 0.008  rock-a-bye-!!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.1] interactive game.

Play a new game in which you can rock-a-bye the !!! techn010ffspring [v.1] named [lea-and-the-ball-of-wool-lumpechtomy-with-carriesbrower-high-chair-for-butt-grab-that-is-pooping-clara-fords-electric-flying-car-is-an-unproductive-solution-for-emotional-labor] { [V.1]] by clicking your mouse or tapping your phone. 

Link to the game: https://openprocessing.org/sketch/1641450

Access the new game in which you can rock-a-bye the !!! techn010ffspring [v.1] named [lea-and-the-ball-of-wool-lumpechtomy-with-carriesbrower-high-chair-for-butt-grab-that-is-pooping-clara-fords-electric-flying-car-is-an-unproductive-solution-for-emotional-labor] { [V.1]] by clicking your mouse or tapping your phone. 

This game works in the same way that the earliest forms of analog animation worked. As Rebekah Modrak states in her book and on her website, Reframing Photography, thaumatropes (an early form of animation) “ depend on the persistence of vision to blend individual images, thereby creating the illusion of continuous motion.”  

Link to Rebekah Modrak’s, Reframing Photography, with examples of artists making thaumotropes. https://www.reframingphotography.com/page/photographic-thaumatropes 

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