!!! techn010ffspring !!! GLOG POST 0.012 – 0.013

IG POST 0.013 !!! tech010ffspring !!! [v.3] spews uterus boomerangs interactive game!!! 

Encourage the !!! techn010ffspring !!! named [beulah-louise-henry-writing-machine-plurality-of-copies-vomits-green-uterus-boomerangs] to spew uterus boomerangs by tapping your screen or clicking your mouse. 

Link to the game here: https://openprocessing.org/sketch/1654543

IG POST 0.012 !!! tech010ffspring !!! [v.3] named [beulah-louise-henry-writing-machine-plurality-of-copies-vomits-green-uterus-boomerangs] spews uterus boomerangs. 

This !!! techn010ffspring !!! has a shape derived from US Patent US2062455 by Beulah Louise Henry from 1931 for an “invention relates to writing machines and has for an object to provide an improved device for use in producing a plurality of copies each having the appearance of a so-called original ribbon copy. The invention has been developed in connection with the production of a typewriter attachment carrying an ink impregnated ribbon arranged to be interposed between successive sheets of paper opposite the position of operation of the usual type bars and such an embodiment will be more particularly described for the purpose of illustrating the principles of the invention.” 

Link to patent: patents.google.com/patent/US2062455A

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