!!! techn010ffspring !!! GLOG POST 0.015 – 0.016

IG POST 0.016 !!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.7.1] spits out !!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.7.2] 

!!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.7.1] named [maria-e-beasley-kneading-machine-for-dough-mixing-with-rotating-receptacles] spits out !!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.7.2] named [doris-with-cellular-sponge-material-reusable-tampon-exploding-bubbles]

Play the interactive game in which you can encourage !!! techn010ffpsring !!! [v.7] to spit out !!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.7.2] by clicking the mouse or tapping the screen. 

Link to the game here: https://openprocessing.org/sketch/1654778

IG POST 0.015 !!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.7.1] spits out !!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.7.2] 

!!! tech010ffspring !!! [v.7.1] named [maria-e-beasley-kneading-machine-for-dough-mixing-with-rotating-receptacles] spits out !!! techn010ffspring !!! [v.7.2] named [doris-with-cellular-sponge-material-reusable-tampon-exploding-bubbles]

This !!! techn010ffspring !!! includes two patents.

Link to US Patent US739142A by Maria E. Beasley from 1903 for a dough kneading machine.

Link: patents.google.com/patent/US739142A

US patent US4108180A for a reusable tampon by Doris B. Moehrle in 1978. 

Link: patents.google.com/patent/US4108180A  

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