!!! techn010ffspring !!! GLOG POST 0.020

POST 0.020 !!! techn010ffspring !!! does technology-driven AI research!

Today, !!! techn010ffspring !!! entered two different search prompts into the Midjourney AI Art Generation application online. Each prompt is the exact title of a news media article described below. 

The first was from The Atlantic article from September 27, 2022 and was entered as follows: “Teachers, Nurses, and Child-Care Workers Have Had Enough The burnout crisis in pink-collar occupations puts everyone’s well-being at risk.” You can see the first gallery above for the images that were generated (all pink). Link here: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/09/teachers-nurses-child-care-job-burnout-crisis/671563/ 

The second prompt entered comes from the headline of an article from the New York Times on April 14, 2022 entitled “A Crisis for Mothers The war in Ukraine has led to familiar, but heightened, problems for women.” The second gallery of images are the results of this prompt. Link here https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/14/briefing/ukraine-refugees-mothers-children.html 

I am struck by the difference in the initial results. One includes images of women, the other only images of textures, despite both prompts including mentions of people. I am also struck by the representation of “mothers” that comes later as I try to make variations of the results. One representation of mothers seems to include a lump of wrapped cloth holding another lump of wrapped cloth. The first prompt, however, resulted in not one representation of a human figure. Both prompts include the word “crisis”. 

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